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"Leisa Way's portrayal of Patsy Cline must be unprecedented. I'm willing to bet that no one has come as close as Way in emulating the essence, the voice and the passion of the country music legend. A very difficult repertoire to master -- with Cline's trademark deep voice and the ability to hit those low guttural notes -- but Way causes shivers with her grandiose voice." - (Banner Review, 2005)

"Leisa Way sings pure country in a medley of Dolly/Porter Wagoner classics with Aaron Solomon. She crosses over, with Randall Kempf to country pop in the Dolly/Kenny classic, Islands in the Stream. She injects new life into disco with Here You Come Again, then simply leaves you breathless when she sings one of Parton's greatest song-writing triumphs, I Will Always Love You" - (The Leader, 2011)

"There have been so many Patsy Cline Tributes acts throughout the years, the last thing we need is yet another artist going the whole ten yards...but this one by Leisa Way is just different enough to stand out above most of the others. Leisa Way delivers these Patsy Cline standards with lots of pizzazz and passion; and while it is difficult for anyone to bring something new to the plate on these time-tested nuggets, Way's strong vocals keep you interested from start to finish. Just when you think you didn't need to hear another female voice singing, Sweet Dreams, Walkin' After Midnight and Crazy, Leisa Way manages to change your mind."
  - (review by Larry Delaney, Country Music News, Sept, 2006)

"Way's strong, heartfelt vocals evoke the kind of deep emotional response that was the hallmark of Cline's own performances". - (Sarnia Observer, 2010)

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